Features of our Popcorn

The central region of Argentina known as Pampa Humeda has excellent soil and weather conditions for corn production, being recognized worldwide by the quality of this product.

Popcorn plant is very similar to an ordinary corn plant, the difference lies in the output which is a smaller and rounded grain.

This product is fit for human consumption and used for making “Popcorn”, a well-known tasty, healthy and nutrition-packed snack. It can be cooked at home or industrialized for later microwave cooking.

The quality of this product is determined by the Size, the Explosion and the Expansion of the grain.


Bags of the following sizes:
  • 5 kg.
  • 10 kg.
  • 20 kg.
  • 25 kg.
  • 50 lbs.


65-75 grains in 10 g. (0.35 oz.)

Size refers to the measurement area or proportion of the corn grain measuring the number of kernels included in 10 grams.


Over 97%

The Explosion measures the percentage of grains that will expand to form a “popcorn”.


  • 38/40
  • 40/42
  • 42/44
  • 44/46

Expansion is the capacity of the kernel of increasing its volume, measured in times from the original size.